In an increasingly globalized world, law draws everything together.

International law is a binding force around the world – and understanding international legal issues will give you an edge in everything from understanding the nightly news to becoming a true global citizen.

Students will learn the fundamentals of public international law and the international legal order. Topics to be covered include the United Nations, treaties, sovereign immunity, the law of war, international criminal law, and international human rights law. Students will discuss international legal issues of contemporary and timeless significance.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • CLO 1: Identify the sources of international law and the structure of the international legal order.
  • CLO 2: Analyze fact scenarios in which international legal issues are raised.
  • CLO 3: Discuss the role of international law in the modern world.
  • CLO 4: Develop the skills to research in depth an international legal topic.
  • CLO 5: Connect international law with Canadian law and society.
  • CLO 6: Critique the structure of the international legal order.

Assessment Weighting (may be subject to change)

Quizzes (Individual) 10%
Discussions (Individual) 15%
Fact Patterns (Individual) 10%
Research Essay (Individual) 25%
Final Exam


Course Materials

Required Textbook from the Queen's Campus Bookstore:

Complete International Law Text, Cases and Materials (second edition) - Ademola Abass, Oxford University Press, 2014.