Introduction to Canadian Law

Law 201/701

Law 201/701 is designed for students from all disciplines, but will be of particular interest to students in history, political science, or business. The course provides students with an introduction to the Canadian legal and judicial systems.

Aboriginal Law

Law 202/702

Aboriginal Law is an undergraduate survey course of Aboriginal law. Reconciliation between the Canadian state and the Aboriginal peoples of Canada is a central concern of Canadian law in the 21st century, one that reaches into every sector of Canadian society.

Workplace Law

Law 203/703

The institution of work is one of the primary ways in which public goods are distributed. For most Canadians, the laws that govern work relations are a critical determinant of income, satisfaction, fairness, safety, and ultimately, fulfillment.

Corporate Law

Law 204/704

Corporate Law is intended to give students an introduction to corporate law, with a primary focus on the creation, structure and animus of the corporation. As we move to a highly fluid, dynamic, global and entrepreneurial business environment, many students will be seeking opportunities to start or participate in new ventures, and the proposed course will be an invaluable addition to the knowledge they will need to be successful.

Public and Constitutional Law

Law 205/705

Law 205/705, Public and Constitutional Law provides an overview of general principles of public law, focusing on the institutions and organs of government, the sources and nature of the legal rules that create them, and the limits on their powers.

Intellectual Property Law

Law 206/706

This course offers a general overview of intellectual property law in Canada, from a practical perspective. It explores trade secrets and patentable inventions, how to recognize and protect trademarks, when copyright applies and when it’s infringed, and reviews typical license terms.

International Law

Law 207/707

Learn the fundamentals of public international law and the international legal order. Topics to be covered include the United Nations, treaties, sovereign immunity, the law of war, international criminal law, and international human rights law.