My name is Clara and I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in psychology in the recent years. I decided to pursue the Certificate in law to expand my options for my future career.

Coming into university, I knew I had diverse and multidisciplinary interests. In addition to completing a major and minor plan, I knew I wanted to supplement my degree with a certificate that would expose me to applicable content that could be valuable in my everyday life.

As someone who studied psychology and history, I felt that I was able to study human behaviour through a new perspective with the law certificate.

Whether or not you plan to pursue law in the future, I believe this certificate would make anyone a more well-informed citizen and provide you the chance to develop your critical thinking skills that can be transferred to any other discipline or line of work.

My favourite courses in the certificate were International Law, Introduction to Canadian Law, and the substitute course Philosophy of Law that was offered under the faculty of Arts and Science.

Introduction to Canadian law is great course for anyone who is interested in exploring the topic of law, and I loved how International Law expanded my knowledge in both national and international issues and policies.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my choice to have pursued the law certificate, as it allowed me to meet individuals from various academic backgrounds and enriched my undergraduate degree.

I would recommend the certificate to anyone who has an interest in law or wants to challenge themselves by studying something new!