Our featured instructor is Morgan Jarvis, teaching Law 206/706 Intellectual Property Law.

Intellectual property and technology commercialization has been core to Morgan's legal practice since its beginnings at Queen's. With a Masters in Pathology, he began his legal career as the technology commercialization practice group in a large international law firm (Gowlings), particularly recognized for its intellectual property expertise. He then worked in-house in intellectual property protection and commercialization for a leading research hospital (the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute). He later returned to Queen's assisting local start-ups as the Director of his favourite Queen's law program (along with the Certificate, of course), the Business Law Clinic. He's now the cofounder of a medical imaging start-up, commercializing IP developed in the Ottawa Hospital, and serving as Senior Legal Counsel with the technology-enabled remote national law firm, Simplex Legal.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Queen’s?
Keen students from a range of experience backgrounds that get engaged in the course content, demonstrating how they're thinking and applying the material in a real-world context.  

Why is it important to learn about Intellectual Property Law?
Now more than ever, with technology being core to everything we do, intellectual property is everywhere. It's often a critical and very valuable business asset that can't be ignored. 

What can students expect to learn from the Law 206/706 Intellectual Property Law course?
There's the overview of key types of intellectual property, but it's the practical application of that material that I'm most proud of in this course. I hope they come away noticing and understanding the importance of intellectual property in the commercial (and even non-commercial) world around them. 

What advice can you give students taking your course?
Get going right from the start not just on the course material, but practicing your application of it in the world around you.