Leonard Damiano has been working as the Head of Contracts for an aviation company, but he wanted to strengthen his knowledge of legal topics. See how the Certificate in Law courses helped supplement his career.

For the past five and a half years, I have been working as Head of Contracts for NAVBLUE, which is a company that was created by Airbus in 2016. My previous experience was primarily Procurement related managing teams in Defense and Military, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Public Procurement.

My Procurement experience led to much work in negotiating Supply agreements, software contracts, integrated circuit development and manufacturing. Many of these experiences included drafting agreements to manage Intellectual Property ownership.

The Certificate in Law appealed to me as a good introduction to add to my existing work experience and I wanted to strengthen my knowledge of legal topics.

I have taken Introduction to Law Intellectual Property, and I am now enrolled in Corporate Law. So far, these three courses have helped me deepen my understanding of topics I work with daily and specifically the Intellectual Property Law course and Corporate Law support my daily work as we provide Software solutions for the Aviation industry. My team deals daily with sales contracts globally.

If you are interested in Law, this program is a great way to gain knowledge in the area. The Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law courses specifically would be of interest for anyone wanting to start their own business due to their focus on Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Corporate structure.